February 25th, 2011


[Fic] He Who Searches For Himself - Chapter 36

Story: He Who Searches For Himself
Author: yuukihikari
Chapter: 36 - Social Augmentation
Beta: AmunRa
Rating: M
Warning: Swearing
Series: First anime
Previous: Chapter List
Genre: PlotFic; AU!Movie
Premise: Set shortly after the end of the first TV series. Ed's journey to get home, Al's journey to find him.
Chapter Summary: Ed and Winry recover from a violent incident in an alley while Roy begins his take over of Central and Izumi hunts down Dante.
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FMA RoyxRiza Hold Me

FIC: A Night to Remember, A Night to Forget - NC-17

A Night to Remember, A Night to Forget

Summary: It’s an anniversary they all dread but can one night change the day forever?

AUTHOR: catw00man
PAIRING: Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye/Gracia Hughes (but not how you think), Roy POV
COMPLETED: February 24, 2011
PROMPT: Roy/Riza/Gracia: Comfort: The nights are long and cold without you here.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: Thanks to zippitgood for the beta. This fic would be nowhere near what it is without her. Special thanks because this is not her pairing of choice!
AUTHOR’S NOTE2: I actually wrote the draft of this two months ago when the prompt came out! I’m so happy to share this because it was my first attempt at Royai even though that’s not where I’d first saw this going. They won me over with this fic! Silly muses. Angst and romance ahead! :-) This was written for the springkink community.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Not mine. Not mine. I’m just playing with someone else’s toys.
SPOILERS: I don’t really think so. Takes place post brotherhood before Roy is transferred East.

A Night to Remember, A Night to Forget
Roy/Riza - Get to Work


Hey guys!

I'm not sure if this is allowed, but it's for a good cause so if it's not, mods, please leave it over night before you delete it so I can get people to help me out.

As most people will know, Christchurch NZ was hit by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake a few days ago. The death toll has hit 113 and it's still likely to climb with reports of about 300 people who are still missing. NZ needs help, you guys, and help_nz is the one way this kiwi FMA fan can do her part. help_nz 's first Lightning Round for little fics and snippets is open for bids and offers until the 27th of this month EDT and I'm offering drabbles and 500 word ficlets this round for FMA, Harry Potter and/or Avatar: the Last Airbender here.

I know there are more kiwi FMA fans out there, and I know this fandom is awesome in every sense of the word - If you have the time/money to donate any manner of fan associated things or bid, even, please do.

All information about how to donate fandom things or how to donate money can be found here.

NZ needs help, guys! I know our fandom is more than capable of giving at least a little <3