January 29th, 2011

some icons!

i uploaded few icons, some of them were posted before already, but there are some new ones as well, so... check them out if you wanna :)


shamballa: 15
brotherhood: 30



lucky star parody: 10
manga: 6

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FIC: The Forever Family [Gen - Hohenheim, Father - PG]

Title: The Forever Family
Author: seatbeltdrivein
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist (manga-verse)
Characters/Pairings: Gen – Hohenheim, Father
Disclaimer: FMA belongs to Arakawa, et al.
Summary: After two hundred years, he'd hoped the homunculus would have grown tired of the hunt. No such luck. [Set pre-series, roughly the 1600s in the early days of Amestris.]
Rating: PG-ish, I think, but there's some violent descriptions that might bother someone with a weak stomach.
Word Count: 950
Notes: I wrote this *months* ago and then promptly forgot about it. Found this morning, buried in a folder that was meant to be school-related things only.

The Forever Family
Ann Sheridan
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Fic: "The Landscape After Cruelty" (Olivier/Miles, PG-13)

Title: The Landscape After Cruelty
Pairing: Olivier Armstrong/Major Miles
Rating: Teen, or PG-13
Warnings: None, set pre-canon.
Summary: Miles stands at her door for a long moment before he knocks.
Author's Notes: Written for the prompt 'Olivier/Miles, solace,' for Porn Battle XI.

When General Armstrong opens the door, he is unsurprised to see her in full uniform despite the late hour. Not a single hair is out of place, and her sword is still at her side. She stares at him without expression; then something gleams in her eyes and the corner of her mouth lifts upward.