January 16th, 2011

FIC: The God of Small Things - part three [RoyEd, PG13]

Title: The God of Small Things (part three)
Author: seatbeltdrivein
Rating: PG13
Pairing:: eventual Roy/Ed
Wordcount: ~7300
Prompt: From my au_bingo card for the prompt "Fantasy & Supernatural: gods and goddesses."
Summary: At the age of forty, Roy Mustang is everything he'd never hoped to be, falling into what his best friend refers to as 'old man syndrome'. After having settled comfortably into his monotonous life, Roy finds himself dragged into a struggle between beings he'd never acknowledged outside of fiction, his life suddenly resembling an ancient Xerxesian epic centering around an unconventional half-god with the fate of all humankind in his hands—not to mention a chip on his shoulder the size of Amestris.
Author's Notes: This is extremely AU and borrows from both the manga and the 2003 anime, as well as ancient Greek mythology. Beta'd by ketita.

Previous parts may be found on my master list.

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doujinshi listing needs your updates! / recs wanted! / plotbunny needs a partner

I haven't been very active in the FMA fandom since before the manga ended for several reasons: photography hobby, Inception fandom taking over my LIFE (I replaced my FMA I.V. drip with that if an Inception I.V. drip), and exhaustion from a broken foot since October 2010.

So! I need your help. My Super Duper Huge Massive FMA doujin listing has been neglected now for just over a year:
if you'd like to see it updated, link me! If you'd like to take over it's undertaking, let me know so I can redirect folks. :)


Since I may not make it back for another post I have a little bitty request- for recs. Anything from the past 6 or so months. Art and fic and discussions of: Maes, Roy, Ed and any pairing of those three, I read adult ratings mostly but a well-versed PG fic is awesome as well. Any good metafic, I'll take that too!


As I mentioned above, I have totally been sucked into Inception. I feel like a terrible fangirl for slowly weeding FMA out of my life. So I ask: is there any other Inception fans here? Do any of you RP? Are you interested in a little x-over? I'd like to keep it a short RP (an end to it in sight), plot-oriented with a lot of yaoi. If this interests you then please let me know! I've been RPing/writing fandoms since 1998ish, though you don't need to have as much experience as this you should be a dedicated writer of sorts.