January 1st, 2011


Art: Rose/Winry- NC-17

Happy New Year to you all!  This is Paper_whale (slash t3h_toby_chan ) bringing offerings that shall hopefully give us the fortune of much yuri and smut over the coming year. 

Both of these are for the fma_fuh_q  comm (which is currently quiet, but a lot of fun; please join in if you feel so inclined, and make it a porny year!!)

Both of these are NSFW

Pic 1, for November (Havoc month)

Rating: R
Pairing: Havoc/Fuery (YURI... it rhymes)
Contents: double-genderswitch, partial nudity, implied sex
Jaqueline and Kate seem to be taking some illicit R and R time while on a mission.

"L- Lieutenant Hawkeye, this... this isn't what it looks like!"

Pic 2 for December (Rose Month)

Title: Untitled
Rating: R-NC-17
Pairing: Winry/Rose
Contents: Explicit nudity and sex

Sometimes you need a little romance

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