December 26th, 2010


3 fics

All of the following were written for fma_fic_contest 

Title: Compassion
Author: jellyjay 
Series: Brotherhood/Manga
Word Count: 249
Rating: PG
Characters: Wrath, mentions of Roy, Riza and Al
Summary: It takes Wrath a grand total of twenty-five seconds to plot Roy Mustang's downfall.
Notes: Based on this page . Won first place for Prompt 91: Specific Page.


Of course it's been obvious. It's always been obvious.

Author: jellyjay 
Series: Brotherhood/Manga
Word Count: 500
Rating: G
Characters: Team Mustang plus Hughes
Summary: "Do you all remember the first time you ever saw me use alchemy?"
They answer together: "All too well, sir."

Baby, It's Cold Outside
Word Count: 813
Rating: R
Warnings: Smut, language
Characters: Roy, Riza
Summary: "It's cold outside," he tells her.
Notes: Based on this song. Won third place for Prompt 93: Cold.

"Yes," she whispers. "It is."