December 13th, 2010

Emil and Marta

12 Days of Drabbles! Day 1 - "Even the Bird Hates It"

This is the first of my 12 Days of Drabbles. Every day from now until the 24th, I'll post a drabble loosely based on a line from "12 Days of Christmas". By loosely based, I mean "kinda sorta maybe could see it coming from there" because I don't know how I'd fit 10 leaping lords into a fic. ;; /lazy

Anyway, here's Day 1! Hope you enjoy!

Day 1 - "Partridge"
Title: Even the Bird Hates It
Rating: PG
Series: Brotherhood
Word Count: 213
Characters: Roy, Riza
Summary: A bird has an opinion on Roy's mustache.

I believe someone has expressed their opinion.
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Fanfic: "Fire in Your Eyes"

Title: Fire in Your Eyes
Author: inulovinkit
Series: manga/brotherhood
Word Count: 460
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Roy, Riza
Summary: Roy Mustang can never escape the fire burning at his soul.
Warnings: Sex, a bit of graphic imagery.
Notes: This is actually the first Royai I've ever written! Not that I don't like the pairing, I just never got a plot bunny for it, I guess.

Smoke. Ash. Fire.
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Ficlet - Not an Option

TitleNot an Option
Author- cornerofmadness
Disclaimer Arakawa owns all
Rating PG-13
Characters/Pairing Roy, implied Roy/Riza
Timeline/Spoilers set within FMA:B episode 59, ‘lost light’
Word Count 224
Warning gruesome canon torture
Summary She had just endured so much, Roy couldn’t fail her now
Author’s Note Thanks to evil_little_dog for the beta and this was written for fma_fic_contest’s ‘set in a specific chapter/episode’ prompt. I won fourth place, banner and story at my lj

Fire couldn’t burn this much

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