December 9th, 2010

  • teranm

Cosplay armor For sale! Edward Elric

Edward Elric Cosplay arm for sale. I made this in 2005 for conventions. It is made from the same pvc plastic that I do most of my armor from. It is the chest/shoulder piece and his arm with a retractable blade.
Size: shoulder hole = 20 inch arm circumference
Bicep = 14 inch
Forearm = 12 inch
wrist = 9 inch
glove = large batting glove.
I will replace the elastic band that holds it onto the chest at the time of purchase. I would normally sale this at $130, but since I am unemployed at the moment I am willing to sale it for $100 or best offer message me if you are interested in buying it. Here is one picture of it and this link shows more pictures of it. Look at it carefully before deciding. There is no return once purchased. Shipping will be figured at the time of purchase.


I messed up :P

If you already voted again. I couldn't figure out how to edit the polls so I just deleted the post.

I... don't know if this is allowed, so if it's not, Mods, feel free to delete.

Anyway, I was watching some con videos of Travis and Vic because I was bored and they started going on about their respective fanbases; the MSA and the Risembool Rangers.

Now I'm morbidly curious about the make up of this community :P

Poll #1654845 Miniskirts Vs. Rangers

Where do your alliances lie?

Miniskirt Army
Risembool Rangers

Fanfic: Finding Sunshine After Rain (ch 6)

Title: Finding Sunshine After Rain
Rating: R 
Pairing: Edwin
Series: Anime 1, oddly enough. But there will be a few shout-outs to Brotherhood
Summary: In order to get revenge on the FullMetal Alchemist, someone sends Winry over to the other side of the gate and forces her to act like another Earth-lookalike of herself, but there's more at stake than just a broken heart...
chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3 chapter 4 chapter 5

He can't stand to see her lie like this