November 29th, 2010

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Fic - Tail Spin

Title Tail Spin
Author- cornerofmadness
Disclaimer all rights belong to Arakawa sensei
series first anime
Rating PG-13
Characters/Pairing Maes, Roy, vaguely implied Royai
Timeline/Spoilers set early on in the first anime.
Word Count 995
Warning Descriptions of gross stuff
Summary Maes finds Roy spinning out of control after the war
Author’s Note I had three different lyrics and stories I wanted to write for this but this is one I’ve been wanting to do for the longest so it won out. It next to impossible to keep it within the word limits. The lyrics used here are from Three Day’s Grace’s Never Too Late, ‘Even if I say it'll be alright, still I hear you say you want to end your life’ .

Maes had never seen his friend like this

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Pushing Past the Lines

 Title: Pushing Past the Lines
Characters/Pairing: Ed/Winry, Pinako
Words: 2,618
Rating: MA (oh yeah smut again)
Summary: Winry watched Ed leave the room and Pinako just shook her head. A person didn’t live as long as she had without being able to sense trouble brewing a mile away.
Disclaimer: I make no claims of ownership even if that fact makes me sniffle.
A/N: Dedicated to my pal vexed_wench  who put this wonder plot bunny in my head *hugs on her* 

She leaned forward so her bare breasts brushed his arm and said, “You’re the genius Ed, I’m sure you can figure it out.”
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