November 24th, 2010


Roy and Riza fic; Brown Eyes

Title: Brown eyes
Author: Ghostfriendly
Series: Manga/2nd Anime
Characters: Roy, Riza, Havoc, Breda, OCs, Rating: PG13 (drunkeness, alcoholicsm, violence, swearing)
Words: 1400
Summary: Trying to help a damaged old war-comrade, Roy gets himself inro deep trouble. But as always a hawk's eye is on him. X-posted to fm_alchemist. First posted for Fma_Fic_Contest prompt, for no 89; song lyrics (song used is 'a pair of brown eyes' by the Pogues).



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Two drabbles from past rounds over at fma_fic_contest :

Title: International Diplomacy for the Politically Incorrect
Author: seatbeltdrivein
Word Count: 248
Rating: PG13
Characters: Roy, nameless OCs
Prompt: Fly (Week 79)
Summary: Roy's tour in Xing is off to a poor start.
Warnings: language

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Title: Aqueous
Author: seatbeltdrivein
Series: 2003 anime
Word Count: 967
Prompt: Song lyrics (Week 89)
Rating: PG
Characters: Ed, first anime!Sloth, Al
Summary: The house was just as they'd left it, quaint and perfect and looking like a home. It shouldn't have looked so normal, not when Ed found it so terrifying.
Warnings: Mild violence

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