November 18th, 2010


Moments In Time Ch. 3

Author: Only_Dani
Title: Moments In Time
Rating: M - Just to be on the safe side. I might change it later though
Pairing: Roy/Older Al
word count: 2168
Series: Post FMA Brotherhood
Warnings: Spoilery, angst, boylove
Summary: Sometimes life takes you to places you never thought you would go. For Al, finding his place in the world turns out to be harder than he first thought. Thank you to my beta Jazz_trousers, you are awesome and thank you for all the help!

Disclaimer: I dont own FMA, nor will I ever

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Chapter 3 - The Office
kitty Ed

What is up with Scimitar Smile?

Has anyone been there today, as in recently, as in just now? Just checked there and everything's jacked up - tiny, practically microscopic, text, stuff in the wrong place, no background image, etc. Much fail. Is the website being redesigned or WTF is going on over there? or is it just me?
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