November 2nd, 2010

Bloody winged

[FMA FF]Lovely Rebel (Ed/Original!Greed, leading up to Ed/Roy and Ed/Roy/Original!Greed) - Part 15

Lovely Rebel
Author: bloody_winged
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s)/Threesome: Ed/Greed, later there will be Ed/Roy which will finally lead up to Ed/Greed/Roy. Oh, and I even managed to squeeze in past Roy/Ed XD There are also hints at past Al/Winry
Warnings: angst, sap, AT, lemons, Ed’s mouth, humor, trying to sound as if I understand alchemy XD
Word Count Chapter: 3.103
Word Count FF posted to date: 53.682
Summary: Ed’s brother puts him on a boarding school after having had to deal with him one time too often.
Thanks: To anime_gal22 and lectawindwalker for the amazing Beta jobs they did on this! *hugs them both*
Author's Note: Well, I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for this, so I won’t bore you with anything beforehand. Be sure to read the note at the end though ~.^

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Lovely Rebel – Chapter 15
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Moments In Time Ch. 2

Author: Only_Dani
Title: Moments In Time
Rating: M - Just to be on the safe side. I might change it later though
Pairing: Roy/Older Al
word count: 3043
Series: Post FMA Brotherhood
Warnings: Spoilery, angst, boylove
Summary: Sometimes life takes you to places you never thought you would go. For Al, finding his place in the world turns out to be harder than he first thought. Thank you to my beta Jazz_trousers, you are awesome and thank you for all the help!

Disclaimer: I dont own FMA, nor will I ever

Chapter 2. A House of Ice 
roy ed kiss

Out of Fire and Ash...(pt 4)

Title: Out of Fire and Ash (the Phoenix Rises)
Author: nimrodel_13
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: RoyxEd (AlxHavoc)
Word count: 3,200
Warnings: mentions and aftermath of rape.
Summary: Caught in a web of despair after being raped, Ed can't find his way back through the darkness. Only Roy is the fire that can burn away the shadows but Ed still needs to get past his fear or the flames will consume him rather than save him....

WARNINGS: some description of abuse and rape in this chapter.

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Fic: Despite Appearances

Title: Despite Appearances

Authors: enemytosleep and bob_fish
Word Count: 2100
Rating: PG-13 

Characters: Ed/Ling, Greed 2.0

Summary: Ed and Ling bond over torn pants. Greed and Ed bond over fixed ones (sort of).

Warnings: Camping Trip of Doom fic
Notes: This started as a comment RP response to enemytosleep's A Breath of Fresh Air, which is the second part of a two drabble series in which Greed's zipper gets stuck and Ling rips it, leaving the group out in the woods with Greed/Ling's junk waving out in the open. Of course they beg for Ed to fix it WITH ALCHEMY! This is what happens next?

I would love for you to alchemy my pants!