October 20th, 2010

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Fic - The Wicked Age

Title The Wicked Age
author cornerofmadness
recipient- bookelfe
Disclaimer all rights belong to sensei Arakawa, not me
Rating PG-13
Characters/Pairing, Pinako, Chris, Hohenheim (and guest spots by little Roy), implied past Pinako/Hohenheim
Timeline/Spoilers set before the series, spoilers for Christmas’s relationship to Roy
Word Count 5,836
Warning some naughty language and sex talk but all in all pretty mild
SummaryPinako needs help to find something for a friend and a lady spy might just be what the doctor ordered.
Author’s Note this was written for fma_ladyfest. I'm very happy to have been a part of celebration of the female characters in a great storyline. This is for the prompt of ‘Pinako hanging out with Chris Mustang (I have no idea how this would/would have happened, but IT WOULD BE EPIC)’ The title is a shout out to Mae West who I like to use for inspiration for Chris. Thanks to evil_little_dog for the beta and to bobfish for some of the suggestions for scenes.

her line of work was nothing but risky

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A multitude of fics!

Somehow I always mean to cross-post things, and always forget.  So here I am with a little collection of things to share!  Fake cuts link to my journal.

Title: So Far, So Good
'Verse: manga or Brotherhood, post-series
Pairings/Characters: Roy/Riza
Warnings: Spoilery for the end of the series, also for Roy and Riza's pasts if you're not up on that.
Notes: Written for fma_ladyfest ! 

(Roy could order her to stay home and rest, but he couldn't keep her from cleaning.)

Title: Puppy Love
'Verse: I think it could be any, but pre-series.
Pairings/Characters:  Trisha, little Ed and Al, little Den
Warnings:  None unless a brief description of a nasty injury freaks you out.
Notes:  Written for girlsavesboyfic !

(They were good boys, and smart, and she trusted them to stay mostly out of trouble.  Mostly.)

And three little drabbles that are part of a post-108 series I'm working on:

Title: When All is Summer There, With Lightest Things That Pass, The One Dear Face
'Verse: manga, post-108
Pairings/Characters: Ed/Winry, Al, Roy, Riza, and some little Elrics!
Warnings:  Spoilers for the end of the series.  Otherwise, none.
Notes:  All written for fma_fic_contest .

(When All is Summer There)

(With Lightest Things That Pass)

(The One Dear Face)

in the dark

Hands On Experience

Title: Hands On Experience
Author: inugrlrayn
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Word Count: 4,753
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Ed kind of failing at toys? Which is not so much a warning for squick as a warning for epic ridiculousness.
Summary: The result of Ed figuring out that neither he or Roy actually know what they're doing exactly.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters in this story.

The rest of my fics are here.

Ed’s second reaction was to panic. It took a while, about the same amount of time it took Roy to strip him of his clothes before it hit him that neither of them really knew what they were doing.


Title: Oral Fixation
Author: nimrodel_13
Paring: RoyxEd
Rating: as NC-17 as a drabble can get XD
Words: 383
Summary: Roy noticed Ed liked to put things in his mouth...

A/N: um, so I'm new here *waves* and I wanted to post something as a way of greeting everyone! I've been lurking for a while but I decided it was long past time I started posting. It's just something fun and quirky but I hope you all enjoy!

(whoever said oral fixation was a bad thing was very very wrong...)
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