October 18th, 2010

Ed Tux

Fuh_Q Oneshot

Title: Notch
Author: enemytosleep

Word Count: 5,993
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Ling/Al, mentions of past Ling/Ed, Ran Fan, and a few harem girls.
Prompt: fma_fuh_q's Ling round

Summary: Al moves his research to Xing, and pays a visit to the new emperor at the same time.

Warnings: Slightly AU post-manga fic, Ling.
Notes: Credit for Ling's fabulously fabulous imperial name goes to bob_fish, who debuted the title in her wonderfully steamy Gift Horse, in which Al visits Xing and spends time with the royal harem. The events of said fic are alluded to in this number, though without reading it I'm sure you can determine the major plot points. ^_^ Yin, Chu Hua, Sook Joo, and Lei are harem girls from my No Sound of Water 'verse. Al's tattoo is part of bob_fish's Wrong Turn 'verse. Thanks to bob_fish for the quickie. And the beta.

Looks like I've won again.
Cas s12

Fic: The Phoney War, Chapter Two

Title:The Phoney War, Chapter Two: Make Your Mind Up Time
Setting: Fullmetal Alchemist, mangaverse, post-series, yet plotted out way last year: this 'verse is AU on a few plot points from 104-108. Details here!
Characters: Roy/Ed (UST), Havoc/Rebecca, Riza/Miles, Al, Winry, ensemble.
Warnings: This chapter: a mere PG-13 for mention of gore. Will be NC-17 overall.
Word count: 4479
Summary: two years on from the Promised Day. Amestris is without a Fuhrer. In the military, Mustang's faction of reformers are locked in struggle with General Hakuro's old guard, who are are developing an alchemical weapon that makes the Immortal Army look harmless. Civil war seems inevitable. As the battle lines are drawn up, Team Mustang search urgently for Hakuro's secret weapon and meanwhile, struggle to get from day to day knowing that tomorrow could be the day that everything comes crashing down …
Notes: Direct sequel to No Small Injury. Illustrated fic is illustrated (by me).

Chapter One: Blue Monday
Chapter Two: Make Your Mind Up Time