September 28th, 2010

FMA - Ed and Ling back-to-back

[FIC] Love--It Quietly Speaks Its Own Language - Ling/Ed

Title: Love—It Quietly Speaks Its Own Language
Author: Kagome
Series: Brotherhood
Word Count: I honestly didn’t bother with this lol.
Rating: PG-13
Characters: (Greed!)Ling/Ed (yes, Greed 2.0 makes appearances).
Summary: They balance one another – yin and yang – they say nothing when they say everything; they say everything when they say nothing at all.
Warnings: language, some naughtiness.
Notes: I think I have done these things for nearly every fandom I am active in. >.>; This is one of those fifty sentence things—this time, it’s fifty sentences about Ling and Ed. XD Credit goes to 1sentenceorder for the themeset used (I used Delta for this one).

(Love—It Quietly Speaks Its Own Language)
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Title: The Metaphysicist's Club
Author: Camudekyu
Series: FMA
Word Count: 7,012
Rating: M
Characters: EdxWinry eventually
Summary: The members of the Abuse of Alchemy Division of the Investigations Bureau take their show on the road.
Warnings: Spoilers for whole series
Notes: This is the first chapter of my monster!fic. I've got a total of 143 pages on my 'puter. This is post series and ignores the movie. In subsequent chapters, expect action and violence and sex and all those things that make adult life so rewarding.


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Thanks, y'all.