September 19th, 2010

FMA Ed Coat

Fic: From Ashes (8/10)

Title: From Ashes (Chapter VIII: The Blood is the Life)
Author: jordannamorgan
Series: Original anime, but given the timeframe, it should be mostly manga-compatible.
Word Count: 2,679 in this chapter, 20k+ total.
Rating: G at this point.
Characters: In this chapter, Ed and Al.
Summary: Edward and Alphonse had a long journey to make before they ever left home.
Warnings: Angst!

( After Ed received his automail, there was a new level of energy in the house. )

Previous Chapters: I. | II. | III. | IV. | V. | VI. | VII.
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[FIC] You Can't Fly With Broken Wings - Maes/Gracia, Elicia

Title: You Can’t Fly With Broken Wings
Author: Kagome
Series: either
Word Count: 250
Rating: G
Characters: Gracia, Elicia, past Maes/Gracia
Summary: There is always a risk of losing what has been gained.
Warnings: angst
Notes: This wanted to eat the word limit. >.>; Written for fma_fic_contest, Prompt 79: Fly. Didn’t place, but this little ficlet has a special spot in my heart all the same.

(You Can’t Fly With Broken Wings)
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