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16 September 2010 @ 03:47 pm

[12] FMA: brotherhood - "again" opening
[11] FMA: brotherhood - "uso" ending
[12] FMA: brotherhood - "hologram" opening
[07] FMA: brotherhood - "let it out" ending


more herefreaksoldier 
16 September 2010 @ 06:47 pm

I posted these on my DevainArt a while back, but I thought I'd post them here too. :)

1 wall is of Mei Chang from the Brotherhood anime series, the other wall is of the Elric family, manga!verse.

These were my first 2 wallpapers, so forgive the amaturity. Comments are appreciated! <3
Downloads behind the cut!Collapse )
Downloads behind the cut!Collapse )

My Pride
Title: Angel, coming! I'm here
Doujika/Circle: PistolDynamites
Pairing: EdXRoy
Language: Japanese
Rating: PG-15
Pages: 77
Download: Here