September 12th, 2010

[kb] still raw about it

fic: heaven is fucking lost

Title: Heaven Is Fucking Lost Goddamn (Welcome to Hell)
Content Advisory: No Pants, Cussin'
Character/Pairing: Roy, Roy/Riza
Author's Note: I wrote this a while ago after I made the terrible mistake of watching Conqueror of Shamballa and then never crossposted it here. It is a crackfic written for the express purpose of healing my soul after such things as Maes Hughes: Devoted Nazi, Envy the Racist Dragon, and naked mother/son hugs.
Summary: Roy sits up, gasping.

1884 words @ shewhohathapen
Cas s12

Fic: Gift Horse

Title: Gift Horse
Characters: Al/OC concubines, Ling
Word Count: 4437
Rating: NC-17 for a bucket of kink: bondage, fetish, sensation play.
Setting: post-manga. Al in Xing. 

Summary: What the hell was he going to say when Ed and Winry asked him if he met any nice girls in Xing?

The heat was tough on him.

In Search of...

Alright. So I tend to make a lot of icons. At the current moment I'm working on a 100 icon batch of Riza. As can be seen here.

The only thing is that I'm lazy not certain where all the best/expressive (different) ones are for her. I've gone through some of the bigger chapters such as the recap of Ishval, Lust (Gluttony not yet!), some of Envy's, etc. But those are the only ones really jumping out at me.

I'm pretty good at remembering chapters, but, here's the question.

Any of you guys have an idea where the best moments are for her? Chapter titles/names would be nice, but I remember those fairly well so that's alright. And, derp. Actual pages would be heaven.

While I'm at it. :o W-would anyone like character batches done and if so... of who? I might not do Ed since he's got 657686545 of those done! But, yeah.

Thanks for your help!