September 10th, 2010


So I know there were links to the subbed 4koma here SOMEWHERE, but for the life of me cannot find them.  Could someone repost them?  Thanks!  :D
  • izilen

Roy, Riza, Mei, Winry & Izumi Fanart

I while ago I offered free 'simple' drawings for my flist, and several requests were FMA-related. Here are the 4 I have finished.

They are:

After Hours: Roy/Riza, for the prompt "drunk and giggly"
LJ || DA

Morning Walk: Roy/Riza, for the prompt "walking Black Hayate"
LJ || DA

Break: Winry + Izumi, "hanging out".
LJ || DA

Journey: Mei & Xiao Mei.
LJ || DA

They all are perfectly "safe for kids". The first one contains ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES but is quite innocent otherwise.