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01 September 2010 @ 01:11 am
Title: Finding Sunshine After Rain
Rating: PG-13 for now, but will be R in later chapters
Pairing: Edwin
Series: Anime 1, oddly enough. But there will be a few shout-outs to Brotherhood
Summary: In order to get revenge on the FullMetal Alchemist, someone sends Winry over to the other side of the gate and forces her to act like another Earth-lookalike of herself, but there's more at stake than just a broken heart...
chapter 1 chapter 2

It was all her fault...
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01 September 2010 @ 10:37 am

Title: The Common Dispute
Author: Lalikaa
Series: Manga/Brotherhood
Word Count: 922
Rating: PG-13, for language
Characters: Greed and Ling
Summary: Ling is having trouble, once again, persuading Greed to go to Xing.
Author’s Comments: This takes place sometime between chapters 56-81 in the manga (I don't know what episodes for Brotherhood). 

Written for fma_fic_contest for the prompt, "lies".

Link to my journal: lalikaa.livejournal.com/15289.html

01 September 2010 @ 03:55 pm
You probably know about the cross posting to facebook and twitter and how this may affect our lj IDs.

Is anyone on this fandom taking their work off their lj? I mean delating entries with fics and fanart and other related stuff.

If you do. Can you give us a sign to try to save our favorite ones?

Thank you.

ETA: Ah I'm sorry about this. I did read about this subject. The reason I'm asking if someone is going to leave/delate their journals it's because lot's of people are doing it right now.

I personally don't care for that but I wouldn't like to find out that my favorite fics has been delated.

So I'm only asking if people were to do that. :D