August 30th, 2010

FMA Ed Coat

Fic: From Ashes (4/10)

Title: From Ashes (4/10: Healing)
Author: jordannamorgan
Series: Original anime, but given the timeframe, it should be mostly manga-compatible.
Word Count: 3,036 in this chapter, 20k+ total.
Rating: G at this point.
Characters: In this chapter, Al, Ed, and Winry.
Summary: Edward and Alphonse had a long journey to make before they ever left home.
Warnings: Lots of brotherly love. :)

( The days of Ed’s automail surgeries were the worst in the time that followed. )

Previous Chapters: I. | II. | III.
FMA - Holding hands

[FIC] Dare You to Move - (Greed!)Ling/Lan Fan

Title: Dare You to Move
Author: Kagome
Series: Brotherhood/the manga
Word Count: 5,019
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Greed!Ling/Lan Fan.
Summary: Make your move then, kid. I dare you. Greed has little patience when it comes to cowardice.
Warnings: language, sexy times, spoilers for the end of the manga/Brotherhood.
Notes: Kind of a companion piece to Set Your Own Standards. I did want to kind of expand on the scene between Greed and Lan Fan, and that’s all I intended to do, but it became a bit of a monster. *LOL* I hope you guys enjoy!

(Dare You to Move)
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hughes roy hug

roy maes ova screencaps

well, thanks to a number of you who helped in my last post, I was able to assemble many screencaps from the maes roy ova, and I have assembled them along with my own comments which are dumb.


also images were taken from a korean website so they have korean sigs on them, also I do NOT have the video

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ed - the hair chase!
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two fics

I found a couple of fics that I posted in my writing journal but never posted here. So here they are, if anyone is interested.

Title: Exile
Author: Rydia
Word Count: 1,505
Rating: PG.
Characters: Maria Ross, Fuu.
Summary: Maria doesn't want to go to Xing.
Warnings: Spoilers through, um, the Maria Ross arc? XD ::helpful:: Also, my inability to title anything rules again.
A/N: This was an entry on fma_fic_contest. It didn't win anything, but I like it anyway. The random line of the "poem" Maria references is actually from a Garbage song called "Milk."

Maria knew what a desert was.

Title: Hanging On
Author: Rydia
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,311
Characters: Ed, mentions of others
Warning: Chapter 77 spoilers. No beta.
Summary: Ed had to make a decision. Except, he really didn't have any choice.
A/N: SUCH A LAME TITLE I am terrible at naming things. I really wanted to call it CONTINUE? Y/N but that didn't seem appropriate somehow. Anyway, this tied for second place for the "Oh, hell" prompt on fma_fic_contest.

Somewhere, a long time ago, on the floor of a forest, Ed had laid on his back and wondered what would happen if he died.

Thanks for reading. :)
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