August 12th, 2010

Lovely Dean

Bonus Footage

According to an announcement in the new GanGan, Volume 13 of the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood DVDs will include bonus footage of Roy and Hughes first meeting at the military academy. Scan below the cut!

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Fic: Curtain Call

Title: Curtain Call
Characters: Olivia Armstrong, King Bradley, Scar, Ran Fan, Roy
Setting: mangaverse, on the Promised Day, during Chapter 105. AU - see notes - but you should still consider this spoilerrific for 105
Rating: R for blood and guts, warning for character death. And melodrama, of course: check out the character list.
Word count: 3357
Summary: They would bow, they would drop into a fighting stand and extend their swords, there would be the shout of en garde. And then she would take him down.
Notes: Highlight for Ch 105 spoilers: In my post-manga chapterfic No Small Injury, started way back when Chapter 99 came out, I had Olivia Armstrong out of the picture because she heroically gave her life duelling Wrath to the death on the Promised Day. I had no idea if it would happen or not, but I thought it would be pretty cool, and that Olivia could carry off a heroically badass exit like that wonderfully. If the fight didn't happen in canon, I resolved to write it myself. It didn't, so I did.

She'd seen Bradley fight just once before, in a demonstration for the troops when she was a cadet.
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Fic - Sadness Held at Bay

TitleSadness Held at Bay
Author- cornerofmadness
Disclaimer Arakawa owns all, I’m just playing with her toys
Rating PG-13
Characters Chris, Grumman, a few unruly boys and a surprise
Timeline/Spoilers set in Roy’s childhood, no spoilers unless you don’t know who Chris Mustang is.
Word Count 2,756
Warning a touch angsty, a touch silly, historical naughtiness, one hyperlink that is NWS
Summary Chris can’t believe it’s been a year since her brother died.
Author’s NoteWritten for bob_fish’s birthday. I hope you enjoy your drabble…it took steroids along the way… Thanks to evil_little_dog for the beta

it wasn’t often she had a day off to just relax

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[FIC] The Calm After the Storm - Ed/Winry, Al/Mei, Roy/Riza, Ling/Lan Fan

Title: The Calm After the Storm
Author: Kagome
Series: Brotherhood/the manga
Word Count: 6,789
Rating: PG
Characters: Ed/Winry, Al/Mei, Roy/Riza, Ling/Lan Fan (more emphasis on the Elrics, though, admittedly)
Summary: Love, affection, tenderness—it can be quiet and subtle, and sometimes, it can be anything but.
Warnings: Spoilers for the ending of Brotherhood/the manga, fluff ahoy, mild angst in places, time-skips (which are obvious), and some language.
Notes: Little snapshots of some of our favorite characters’ lives after The Promised Day. Based on prompt 58, “Tender”, written for prompt 74: Past Prompts at fma_fic_contest. Won third place.

(The Calm After the Storm)
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Elricest - blinded

I bring fic again! And it is cross posted.

Title: Conspiracy Theory
Setting: AU, in the same universe as Two Good Legs. (tags in the posts will lead you to chapters.) This first fic was written three years ago, going on four, and the last part never fit well. Unfortunately, any attempts to remedy this has failed. Now, after three years and 6 attempts, the second part of this arc finally wants to be written. If you haven't read the first fic, I highly encourage it, but this fic will also fill in some missing pieces that TGL missed. The Pack finally gets their break to bring to light the true corruption of the military and Amestrian government. They must work quickly now to enact their plan. No one knows if they'll succeed, but they can only move forward and complete their mission.
Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist, and this fiction was written for purely entertainment purposes and will never be sold as profit.
Warnings: None this chapter. However there will be graphic scenes, mature themes, and possible character death.
Word Count 2267

"After all this time, Mustang still saw those two as eleven, broken and nearly lifeless as Ed sat in that wheelchair and Al loomed behind him in that armor, a silent sentinel."
Blushing Winry

FMA Big Bang Challenge

Hi All!

Sign ups for both Authors and Artists (and Beta Readers) are now open for the 2010-2011 FMA Big Bang Challenge.

There have been a few changes that will hopefully make the second challenge run a little more smoothly (first rounds are always bound to have kinks!). Please hop on over to the group page, fmabigbang, to check out the new guidelines, time table, and FAQ.

Writer sign-ups are HERE

Artist sign-ups are HERE

Beta reader sign-ups are HERE

Please note that this is a new page under new management, so you will need to re-add to watch for updates.

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