July 30th, 2010

10 FMA: Brotherhood Icons

[ 20 ] Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellionsome nsfw-ish
[ 26 ] Deadman Wonderlandsome nsfw-ish
[ 10 ] Fullmetal Alchemistcontains spoilers for post-Brotherhood
— 04: edward
— 01: alphonse
— 02: ling
— 03: groups
[ 15 ] Kingdom Hearts
[ 27 ] Sky Doll
[ 40 ] Vocaloid: Black★Rock Shooter
[ 10 ] Yuugiou: Duel Monsters
[ 06 ] Stock
[ 154 ] total

[ o v e r  h e r e ]

Maybe this isn't allowed, but please read


I knew this lady pretty well, as well as I know a lot of my online friends.

She died in May. FMA was one of her favorite animes, which is why I'm posting this here. Forgive me if this isn't allowed here, but she was a big fan, and the last thing we talked about was FMA, how we thought it would end. Her favorite character was Hohenheim, and she said she would be okay with the ending so long as he didn't die.

I guess she'll never know.

I realize a lot of you may not know her, but she loved FMA. If you wish to pay your respects, the link to her deviantart at the top of this page has a lot of comments wishing her to rest in peace. Perhaps it is stupid, but I miss her, and I wish I'd known about this sooner.

Once again, please forgive me if this isn't allowed here.

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