July 15th, 2010

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Fic - Is But Intoxication

Title - Is But Intoxication
Author - cornerofmadness
Disclaimer - Arakawa owns all
Rating - PG-13
Characters/Pairings - Havoc, Hawkeye, Hughes, Mustang, implied Roy/Riza, Maes/Gracia
Timeline/Spoilers - no real spoilers, set early on in the series
Series - manga
Summary - He was capable of seducing the most beautiful woman in his world
Word Count - 1,775
Author's Note - I've been threatening to write a story about this picture for years. I finally did it. (and still would love to see other versions of how this picture would have come to pass)
Author's Note #2 - I wrote this story for fma_fic_contest's 69th prompt Are You Insane? and won third place.

“Man, being reasonable, must get drunk; the best of life is but intoxication.” - Lord Byron

Wasn’t My Idea

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Fic: Transient

Title: Transient
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG
Approximate length: 65,000 words
Genre: gen/hurt-comfort/casefic
Universe: First anime (but set so early in the series that it hardly matters)
Summary: With Ed suffering from what he thinks is the seasonal flu the Elric brothers track a rogue alchemist in a small town outside of East City.
Spoilers: This story takes place about a year before the boys visit Lior. Anything that happened before that is fair game.
Disclaimers: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist and I'm not making any money.

Link to my journal

Link to part 1
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FANART: FMA Goes to the Movies

Hey all. A current FMA art contest on deviantART inspired some crossover-tastic artwork from yours truly. The contest was to combine FMA characters with our favorite movies. I came up with two results:

Title: Fear Me, Love Me...
Characters: Mustang (Jareth)
Notes: FMA meets The Labyrinth. Roy in a rockstar mullet + eyeshadow = kinda sexy, but still hilarious XD
Fear Me, Love Me...
by *ChildOfPuck on deviantART


Title: Roy Darko
Characters: Mustang (Donnie), Hawkeye (Gretchen), Truth (Frank the Bunny)
Notes: FMA meets Donnie Darko. One of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite films. Also, one of the greatest film quotes of all time. <3
Roy Darko
by *ChildOfPuck on deviantART

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Hello! I come with fic! OMG

Title: Collect Call
Characters: Edward, Alphonse.
Genre: Attempted Humor n_nU
Beta:dreamer1789 and tasha_o
Summary: A phone call between the brothers featuring a desperate!Al and crazy!Ed
Warnings:SPOILERS for chapter 108. Post-series manga verse.

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I've had the Brotherhood DVD set for quite a while, but I just sat down and watched it (why did it take so long, because I'm lazy, that's why) but I finished watching the second DVD and watched the commentary.
I have to say that the commentary made it worth the however much I spent on the DVD set. I just wish that there was more than just two commentary in the set! The sheer randomness of the commentary is what makes it so amazing.
And in conclusion, for all those that haven't watched the commentary, you all should go watch it now!

*And the fact I've seen Maes die a thousand times, and I can't believe that I still cry!!! ..-__-..*

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First post. ;) A small one shot fic.

Title: Brotherhood
Characters: Ed, Al.
Genre: One-shot based around D-Day, the basement scene during the attempted human transmutation.
Rating: PG.
Mild spoilers if you haven't watched any of the anime or read the maaanngaa. I got a hold of the OSTs of Brotherhood yesterday and "Trisha's Lullaby" as well as Michiru Ooshima's "Brothers" inspired this tiny ficlet. Link moves you to my journal.

I miss my Elric Brothers. ;(

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