July 9th, 2010

Bloody Ed/Roy

[FMA FF]Domino Effect (Ed/Roy)

Domino Effect
Author: bloody_winged
Rating: R
Pairings: Roy/Ed, Havoc/Riza mentioned
Word Count: 8.351
Warnings: lemon, cross-dressing, some humor I guess XD
Summary: It was clear to all that the day Roy Mustang loses a bet to Fullmetal, the world would come to an end. Just no-one expected it to really happen.
Timeline:This is set sometime after the series, though Ed is still in Amestris. There is a new Führer who leads Amestris with a strong hand while not being too forceful. Roy is a Brigadier General.
Thanks: To my dear auntie winds_of_water for the beta! :D *huggles you lots*
Authors Note: I already wrote this last December, but due to some complications with the reason behind it it didn’t get posted. I doubt anyone here will mind that though ~.^
Oh, and towards the end there is one sentence that Criss (my roommate) actually contributed XD I’ll mark it so you know which one I mean^^ I just had to take it in since it fit perfectly XD

Companion-art of Roy in his costume by – you know it! XD – Mayra here :D (you'll need a DA account to view it though) Look at it. It's sooooo worth it XDDD

Domino Effect
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EdxWinry video

Spoilers for Series! Contains footage from Episode 64!

Song: Because you Live by Jesse McCartney
Anime: Fma Brotherhood
Pairing: EdxWinry [My New Second Favorite Pairing!!]

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