July 7th, 2010

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The Cats Will Play (Fullmetal Alchemist; Roy/Riza; not worksafe/R)

Title: The Cats Will Play
Author: sister_coyote
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Roy/Riza
Summary: Riza has too much going on to pay attention to boys, however attractive they may be.
Word count: 1500 words
Warnings: Mild smut. Mild angst. Spoilers (manga and second anime).

( The genuinely obnoxious thing about Roy—Mister Mustang—her father's apprentice is that he's really good-looking. )
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FMA:B in NHK World's imagine-nation today!

If you have NHK World, be sure to catch today's episode of imagine-nation, as they will be featuring FMA:B!

Topics of the week:
Jul. 6, Tue. 23:30 - 0:00 (UTC) etc.
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is a phenomenally successful manga by Hiroshi Arakawa, which was serialised in Monthly Shōnen Gangan from 2001 to 2009. The manga was also offered in a series of books, selling 42 million copies. The ensuing anime series has been aired in more than thirty countries. Our reporter Sei follows the work on the long-awaited final episode of the anime series that will be aired in early July.

This segment looks at the arduous task of reproducing the worldview and plot of the original manga series into anime, and factors that artists should bear in mind. We look this anime series which can be relished along with the original manga.

Schedule are as follows:
Tue. 23:30 - 00:00
03:30 - 04:00
07:30 - 08:00
11:30 - 12:00
15:30 - 16:00
19:30 - 20:00

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Episodes with Envy

Ya! Just wanna ask, does anyone know which episodes that have Envy?

I know it's kinda weird but Envy is died in both series, so the least I can do now is collect any episodes that have him. TAT WAH! EEEENNNNNNNNVVVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! *bawling like hell*

*sobs* So, onegai shimasu.....

I also want the episode where has Envy on the phone! XD

P/S: Why the hell there's so little Envy cosplayer in the cure.com?! GAH!
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Drabble: Hare-Raising

Title: Hare-Raising
Author: kristensk
Word Count: 250
Rating: G (or PG if mention of deceased rabbits bothers you)
Characters: Ed, Darius and Heinkel
Series: Manga/Brotherhood
Summary: Ed realizes abruptly that he's the one doing all the work.
Notes: Set during the timeskip. Alternate title suggestions welcomed.

(Click for Drabble)
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Fic: No Small Injury, Chapter Nine of Nine [COMPLETE]

Title:No Small Injury, Chapter Nine: Interesting Times
Setting: Fullmetal Alchemist, mangaverse, post-series, yet plotted out way last year. Hence is now AU on significant plot points.
Characters: Roy/Ed (UST and subtext), Havoc/Rebecca, Al, Hawkeye, ensemble.
Warnings: R for sweary mouths
Word count: 8113
Summary: a year on from the Promised Day. As Mustang's faction struggles for power with Hakuro's, the Amestrian Army is one gunshot away from a civil war. Now someone may have fired that shot.
Notes: Illustrated fic is illustrated (by me). enemytosleep has betaed both fic and illos wonderfully. I seriously couldn't have done it without her. A round of applause for her, please!
More notes: This is the final chapter! A sequel is in the works.

Previous chapters:
Chapter One: the Way to a Man's Heart
Chapter Two: What Would Maes Hughes Do?
Chapter Three: Too Much Information
Chapter Four: Sleeping Dogs
Chapter Five: The Buddy System
Chapter Six: Spare the Excuses
Chapter Seven: Go Time
Chapter Eight: Some Things Never Change

Chapter Nine: Interesting Times

Bonus omake fun! Ask the characters any question in this thread, and, channelled by me, they will answer it.