July 5th, 2010


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Warning for Spoilers from the Fma series.

I have never been a Ling or GreedLing fangirl but I gotta say that Brotherhood has made him a very likable character for me! I personally liked Greed more so than Ling but even the later seemed to grow on me. With the series finally over, this video also came to an end. I've had this video for a week but was missing just a few clips for the end. I've been listening to my ipod again and everytime I listen to this song I couldn't help picture Greedling. The song fit there story pretty well.

Song: Lonely Life by Stanfour
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Main Characters: Ling , Ran Fan , Greed

flirty manga!ed ;D
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AHHAHA, there's going to be so many EdWin AMVs after the release of episode 64...
So here's me editing with old/first FMA for some reason.
Time to reminisce about the good old days!!
(SORRY, I cross-posted >__<)
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FMA - Hug

About the upcoming movie...

Just coming back from Japan Expo in Paris, where there were many FMA events! (Conference with the french voice actors, message to the fans from Romi Park, Rie Kugimiya and Shinichiro Miki...) And yesterday, the episodes 63 and 64 have been broadcasted in the presence of Yasuhiro Irie (director of FMA:B) and the producers from Aniplex and Square-Enix. The latter officially announced what most of you learned with the 64th episode, i.e. that there will be a movie.

clewilan and I had the opportunity to get some more information while talking with the French editor (who spent the day with the japanese FMA team and was the one who announced the upcoming movie in their names) after the broadcast, and he said it would be a live action movie. Keep in mind that this one was pretty much unofficial, but that's what has been said. All we have to do now is wait for the official announcement...

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fma ed and al

fic fic fic

title: hakenkreuz
fandom: full metal alchemist
era: conqueror of shamballah
rating: T
characters: edward and alphonse elric, maes hughes (as an ss officer)
status: on-going
words: about 1 k (so far)
chapters so far: 1
warnings: spoilers for the 1st anime and the film.
summary: what were they thinking? who were they accusing? //point the finger, and three fingers point right back at you//

link to ch. 1:
click click click click

it's on ff.net, so please leave me a review there and lemme know what you think! much love<3