July 1st, 2010

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Fic: The Spirit of Fair Play

Title: The Spirit of Fair Play
Characters: Roy, Olivia Armstrong, and Teams Mustang and Briggs
Setting: mangaverse, one to two years before the start of the manga
Rating: A mild R for some swears, mildly rude joking, silliness.
Word count: 3657
Summary: After the rigours of spring joint training, Teams Mustang and Briggs enjoy some downtime. Competitive, idiotic downtime.
Notes: Originally written for fmagiftexchange, for the prompt The Mustang Tachi & The Briggs Bears, "Anything you can do, I can do better!"

I, says Rebecca Catalina, with stirring conviction, would totally tap that.
[FMA] Ponder

Fic: Miles Apart 2/4

Title: Miles Apart (2/4)
Pairing: Roy/Ed, Ed/OFC
Genre: AU crossed over with canon
Rating: Hard R
Word count: 7065
Summary: "Well he can't stay with me," Havoc said. "I don't have a couch."
Warnings: AU/Crossover; Ed's rather extensive and occasionally offensive vocabulary. Tomfoolery.
Notes: Crossover with a fusion!Supernatural universe. Ed is a hunter, not an alchemist. He's also not at all what Roy expects...

Part 1

("You know, we don't allow civilians to roam about on military bases armed to the teeth.")
[Izaya] Lollipop

Fic: Normal

Title: Normal
Rating: ... G?
Type: Angst, drabble
Characters/Pairings: Ed-centric, implied Al/Win
Warnings: None

A/N: ... this can really fit into either canon, first anime or manga/Brotherhood. Take your pick? I started this back in May and just found the half-finished document last night and decided to finish it up. 

Thanks to Krunk for looking this over for me~

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