June 30th, 2010

[Gaga]Everyone's Peace

themes 22, 23, 32, and 65

Title: Earrings
Author: melodyic_rhyme
Rating: G
Pairing/characters: EdWin, appearances by others.
Genre/s: fluff
Warnings: Light spoilers for Briggs arc onward
Words: 669
Summary: leep was a time to rejuvenate the mind and body, and also a time for demons to appear.
note: for the 23rd (I've given up on writing these in order) prompt at 500themes : Remember Me

( Ed might be reckless, stubborn, caused her endless worry... )

Title: Broken Romance
Author: Melodyic_Rhyme
Rating: PG
Pairing/characters: LingFan, with a hint of Almei
Genre/s: Romance/fluff
Warnings: VERY SMALL SPOILER FOR 108. also just a bit suggestive at the end.
Words: 496
Summary: When Mei looked at them, she saw something that needed fixing.
note: for the 32nd prompt at 500themes : Hand of Fate, and prompt 67 at fma_fic_contest : Repairs.

(They might be more than one girl can fix)

Title: Shared Burden
Author: Melodyic_Rhyme
Rating: G
Pairing/Characters: RoyAi if you read it that way, Riza's Father.
Genre/s: Hurt/Comfort, angst
Warnings: spoilers for chaps 58-61
Words: 711
Summary: Unseen burdens were often the most harsh, but it is lessened when they are shared.
note: For the 22nd prompt at 500themes : The End of The Beginning and Prompt 68 at fma_fic_contest : Secrets

(It was a family secret...)

Title: Honor (Travelers, Chapter 1/?)
Author: Melodyic_Rhyme
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: LingFan, Mei, with some hinted Almei throughout.
Genre/s: Hurt/Comfort, angst, romance (for the fic overall)
Warnings: spoilers for chaps 100+
Words: 635
Summary: Ling and Lan Fan had something they needed to do before they left Amestris.
note: For the 65th prompt at 500themes : Shallow Grave. First Multi-Chap fic in awhile.

(She was too stubborn to cry)

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