June 26th, 2010


A question about chapter 106

this isn't any spoiler or anything so don't worry.

K-kinda stupid question so please don't kill me. lolz

This has been bothering me from sometime but i kinda forgot about it a bit until seeing the episode of Chapter 106: Abyss Pride @ Animax asia a few hours ago. I think it was a replay. So the question came back to me again and haunt me to death. loljk

Anyway, my question is this page:


what does Kimblee meant when he said to Pride, "You don't understand Edward Elric at all." 

I think I have a bit of my own understanding of it but maybe I'm wrong or maybe i don't get it at all. So, i thought of asking your own perspective about it. :)

*runs away then hides in the corner*
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fanart: Roy & Riza (and Hayate)

I've collected the five FMA fanart pics I've made to date in one post. [link]

Characters: Roy and Riza, hint of Royai
Rating: G - PG-13 for a bit of blood
Spoilers: Some of these contain spoilers for the final chapters of the manga, though I believe there are no major plot spoilers and a lot of it was speculation at the time I drew it.


hello everyone! i am need some request. i was wondering if anyone has the second soundtrack of fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. if so, could you convert it to a normal mp3? it can't be rar because it slows my computer down. just a normal mp3 download. if not, thank you for trying.

ps: the cover of the soundtrack is the one where Ed is standing and composing.