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Sunny Himalayan Bunny
19 June 2010 @ 01:52 am
=48 ICONS=
[12] Batgirl
[16] Final Fantasy XIII
[20] Fullmetal Alchemist


Show me everything and tell me how @ noli_elfili
19 June 2010 @ 07:32 am
Title: Top Banana

bob_fish & enemytosleep
Word Count: 9550
Rating: NC-17

Characters: Roy/Maes, OT4 mentions

Summary: Roy gets a promotion and Maes helps him celebrate in a night neither will never forget.

Warnings: Oh man, where do we even start? Bob Fish + Enemy = porn with possible goob tangents.
Notes: This was written as a birthday gift for cornerofmadness. Oh, and kids? Don't try this at home, for reasons this fic will hopefully make apparent.

If your best friend can't give you some sympathy in these situations, who can?
Jordanna Morgan
19 June 2010 @ 10:20 am
Title: Poultry Problems
Author: jordannamorgan
Series: Any
Word Count: 1,383
Rating: G
Characters: Al, Ed, and a cantankerous barnyard fowl.
Summary: Al uses his absence of sleep to guard against a peculiar menace.
Warnings: None.
Note: I briefly referenced the antagonist of this tale in my story "Tanked". This is his promised proper introduction. *g*

( Armor vs. Feathers )
19 June 2010 @ 02:31 pm
I am writing a fic, and as part of it, I need to know how old Mustang is.

As far as I know, his age had never been made canon. I can't think of any time that it was ever mentioned.

We know that Maes Hughes was born in 1885, that *IS* canon. And I think the fanon response is that Roy is the same age, or very close to it. That is what I have always thought as well.

But, there is an offhanded comment on the second disk of the Fullmetal Brotherhood DVD. There is commentary from some of the English voice actors, and while I don't remember exactly what was said, they made it sound like Roy was a good bit younger, instead of being about 30, like I expected, they made it sound like he was more like 26 or so.

That would mean he was born in 1889, and if I have my years right, I believe they were sent to Ishbal in 1907? (please tell me if I am wrong there) and he would have been 18 years old. Young, but not impossibly so. (Though that means that Hawkeye would have to be closer in age that most people think since she was in Ishbal too, though I believe that it was canon that she was still a cadet at the academy- please correct me if I am wrong about that. Fanon seems to think they are about 4 years apart, but they would have to be more like 1 or 2 at the very most if my dates are right).

Would he and Hughes really be four years apart? It seems unlikely, though that would explain why Hughes had time to climb up to one rank behind him, since Roy had a head start- being an alchemist, he started as a Major.

So, anything that you guys can do to help me out, links, pictures, etc. would be really appreciated.

Thanks, and HELP!!!
19 June 2010 @ 03:06 pm
Thank you all very much for your fast responses.

Another really quick question. For the manga and Brotherhood, do we know when Ishbal started and when the alchemist were sent in and the war ended?

I am pretty sure that it is canon that it started in 1901, but I am not sure if the alchemists were sent in, in 1906, 1907, or 1908.

Help, and thanks again!!!
19 June 2010 @ 11:17 pm

Title: Responsible Adults
Author: metisket 
Characters: Ed, Winry, Roy, Hawkeye, small children
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers all the way through 108
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist does not belong to me.
Summary: The epilogue I would write if I were in the business of writing epilogues for Arakawa. Small children. Explosions. World domination.