June 18th, 2010


TWOP Tubey Awards!

The Television Without Pity Tubey Awards are back, and there's some FMA, surprisingly enough!

In the 1-4 tab, under "Best New Show", Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is nominated!
In the 13-16 tab, under "Best Sidekick", Alphonse Elric is nominated!
In the 21-24 tab, under "Best Almost-Romantic-But-Not-Quite Relationship", Edward Elric & Winry is nominated!
Also in the 21-24 tab, under "Best Fictional Location", Rush Valley is nominated!

Clearly whoever chose these is a Winry fan... hahaha. (Why isn't Roy/Riza under the almost romantic but not quite option is what I'm wondering)

Anybody who wants to vote can, you don't need to make an account or anything. ;D

FIC: "One Candle Shines In A Thousand Doorways"

Fic: "ONE CANDLE SHINES IN A THOUSAND DOORWAYS"  (Edward Elric and Mama Tricia reunion  fic)
AUTHOR: binaryalchemist 
RATING: PG 13 for mild references to adult situations and language--nothing explicit. 
WARNINGS: Yaoi/GEN---yaoi relationships are refered to, but this is mostly GEN. There is a single paragraph that refers to chapter 108's ending but I would hardly call it a 'happy ever after' het passage.
SPOILERS: see mention of chapter 108 above, CoS, Bluebird's Illusion and a random sample of very fine fanfics
NOTE: This story was DEEPLY inspired by--and could be considered a crossover with--Neil Gaiman's brilliant "Sandman" and "The Endless" The lyrics are from "King of Dreams", written and recorded by The Binary Alchemist, music by Bob Seeger. This is also an homage to many of you out there writing fanfics--if you recognize yourself in a sentence....be proud. You are amazing, all of you.
           In a Library Between The Worlds, Tricia lights a candle on a birthday cake for her firstborn son--a light that shines in a thousand  
          worlds, in a  thousand stories that will be her gift to him--the gift of True Immortality.
(Feedback appreciated--wank will be ignored)


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FMA ~ i could reach for the sky

i bring you CAKE

This is the very first time I've tried to do ANYTHING that involves cake, icing and drawing. I do have to admit that I'm a little proud of myself that I was able to pull this off but I know it still looks like crap.

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