June 15th, 2010

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Do you know the name of these fics? [UPDATED]

I know these fics are on fanfiction.net, but I forgot what they're called and who they're by. So here's what the fics are about and hopefully someone knows.

The first is about Roy and Riza being Winry's parents (odd idea but also cool) and Ed obviously liking her, which results in very funny protective Roy.

and the other is where Roy finds an abandoned 4 year old (Ed) and Roy and Riza take him in. EDIT ok, he's 12 not 4, how i got that mixed up i have no clue ^^;

Both are obviously AU but i enjoyed them both a while back and would really love to read them both again, so if you know one or both of the stories please let me know.

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Fanfic: Just Come Back Alive - Chapter 3 and Smutty Interlude

I'm not sure if I've posted previous chapters of this fic here or not, since I haven't updated in a while--but here's the latest installment, at any rate!  Previous chapters are linked.  :)  I've also included a "smutty interlude"--because I love so many different pairings, I'm going to write little side stories that can be read or skipped as you please, just to satisfy my eclectic variety of pr0n cravings.

Title: Just Come Back Alive (aka A Lot Can Happen in Twenty Years) - Chapter 3
Author: a_big_apple 
Series: first anime, post-Shamballa
Pairings: In the main story, WinryxSheska, RoyxRiza, implied EdxHeidrich, EdxSurprise, a little flirtation with AlxNoa.
Notes/Warnings: The story's a bit dark, due to the historical timeframe in which it's set.  Read more about that when you follow the fake cut.
Teaser: Ed pauses, takes a breath, and suddenly Al sees where this is going, and is already mustering his brother-knows-best around himself, though that trick has never worked on Ed, ever.  Ed must sense it, because there’s a sort of hardness in his voice when he speaks, like an immovable force.  “I want to go see Heidrich.”

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

(fake cut to Chapter 3!)

Title: Just Come Back Alive - Smutty Interlude #1 - Elricest!
Pairings: Um, Elricest.
Notes/Warnings: NOT WORK SAFE, explicit fraternal incest.  This interlude falls after Chapter 3 of the main story, but could be read by itself, and you don't have to read it to follow the plot of the main story.  :)

(fake cut to Smutty Interlude 1!)
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Ed Tux

Fic + Art

Title: He Cooks, Too

Author/Artist: enemytosleep

Word Count: 884
Rating: R

Characters: Gracia/Maes, OC
Prompt: fmagiftexchange - 'Firsts' in the Hughes's relationship, which can include first date, first kiss, first fight, first time, etc.
Summary: There are a lot of firsts in each relationship, and Gracia cherishes them all. 

Warnings: Nothing explicit, but the art could earn you strange looks, so POSSIBLY NOT WORK SAFE depending on where you work.

There are only two kinds of men who wear suits like that: mobsters and pimps.

FMA Ed-Win I think of you

Three Ficlets

Title: Secret Boyfriend
Author: evil_little_dog
Word Count: 191
Rating: K
Characters: Mei Chang
Summary: Mei has her dreams.
Warnings: N/A
Disclaimer: All hale the Cow!
A.N.: Written for fma_fic_contest, for the prompt, 'flush'.

She'd bring immortality back to Xing.

Title: Earrings
Author: evil_little_dog
Words: 300
Rating: K+
Characters: Edward, Winry
Summary: Ed’s bothering Winry again.
Warnings: 108 Compliant; contains spoilers/speculation.
Disclaimer: Despite it being over, Arakawa still owns all.
A.N.: Written for fanfic_bakeoff, for the prompt ‘token’.

Hey, um. Winry?

Title: Ring
Author: evil_little_dog
Words: 261
Rating: K+
Characters: Alphonse, Edward
Summary: Tomorrow's the day.
Warnings: 108 Compliant; contains spoilers.
Disclaimer: Despite it being over, Arakawa still owns all.
A.N.: Written for fanfic_bakeoff, for the prompt ‘token’.

Tomorrow's the day.

Fake cuts to my LJ and crossposted. Sorry for any spam.
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Cosplay/costuming question

I've got two, very related, questions for you, dearest fm_alchemist.

First, after getting out of jail, does manga/:B-verse Kimblee have a state alchemist's watch?

Second, I've been looking around for a watch, just in case, and I can't find one that doesn't have the "Don't forget" engraved on the inside (which isn't a big deal), or the flamel on the watch face. Would any of you lovely people happen to know where I can get one, if Kimblee does have one?

Thank you very much, in advance.