June 13th, 2010

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A letter to the fandom...

Dear FMA fandom,

Even though all our hearts are broken now that the manga has ended, I don't want to see this fandom tear itself apart because of it. Writers? Write! Artists? Draw! Whatever your chosen format may be, yaoi or het, just please go do it! The manga may have ended but the fandom must go on! :) As Edward said, "M
ove forward. You’ve got a strong pair of legs; you should get up and use them."

amethyst_koneko =^.^=

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Bloody Greed/Ed

[FMA FF]Lovely Rebel (Ed/Original!Greed, leading up to Ed/Roy and Ed/Roy/Original!Greed) - Part 4

Lovely rebel
Author: bloody_winged
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s)/Threesome: Ed/Greed, later there will be Ed/Roy which will finally lead up to Ed/Greed/Roy. Oh, and I even managed to squeeze in past Roy/Ed XD There are also hints at past Al/Winry
Warnings: angst, sap, AT, lemons, Ed’s mouth, humor, trying to sound as if I understand alchemy XD
Word Count Chapter: 5.434
Word Count FF posted to date: 15.311
Summary: Ed’s brother puts him on a boarding school after having had to deal with him one time too often.
Thanks: To anime_gal22 and lectawindwalker for the amazing Beta jobs they did on this! *hugs them both*
Author's Note: Chapter four of my crazy AT monster XD We now come to one of Greedy’s favorite parts :P XD *hugs her* This was my first Ed/Greed Lemon, and I’m pretty proud about how it turned out ^___^
Also: Hello to anyone who came over here from ff.net to read^^ *winks*
Enjoy! :D

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Lovely Rebel – Chapter 4
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Chasing a Ghost
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[FanFic] He Who Searches For Himself - New Chapter

Ou, more fiction.

Story: He Who Searches For Himself
Chapter: PART XXVI (Chapter 77) – The Theory of Beyond the Gate
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Yes (1st TV series only)
Previous: Chapter list for Part I thru Current
Genre: GenFic; PlotFic; Post-Series; Not movie based (AU!Movie)
Chapter Summary: Ed disects the theory of Beyond the Gate while Mustang helps Alphonse deal with thoughts of his father.
Author Note: None.

Read Option A (@ FF.net)
Read Option B (@ LJ)

Please enjoy ^^

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Winry - I won't forget you
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FMA fic: Ashes 15/?

Title: Ashtray (Lying Still)
Timeline: Post CoS
Rating: PG-13? 15? There are references to alcohol and sex, (one) use of the f-word and ANGST.
Character: Winry (hints of EdWin).
Summary: Sometimes Winry can't go to bed at night, but she knows exactly why: there's no one to kiss her goodnight.
Disclaimer: I AM NOT WORTHY (i.e. no, it's not mine).
Note: I haven't posted FMA fanfic in almost a year. What the hell. This was originally written for October 3rd, 2009. Obviously I didn't finish it in time! :-D
Note 2: I wanted to write silly happy fluff to celebrate the end of the manga, but no, I got into that mood and this oneshot decided to finally write itself. Oy.
Note 3: Crossposted like whoa, sorry for any spam.

October the 3rd, 1921. No, it's long passed midnight. October the 4th, then. Good. It takes away the symbolism.

I hope you'll like it! :)