June 11th, 2010

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Something NOT about 108?! *Gasp!!*

Hi! I have a question COMPLETELY unrelated to the end of the manga!

Does anyone know the episodes that Havoc was in? (Both animes, more concerned with Brotherhood though) I want to make an AMV and I don't want to have to go digging blindly for them. First anime won't be too hard, I vaguely remember, but Brotherhood, I'm all lost.

Thanks in advanced!
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All of us are no doubt mourning the end of FMA with the release of chapter 108. But in lieu of doing a speculation post, I think something with a bit more depth, something to really sink your teeth into, is in order.

And by depth, I mean, genet_ics and I being bored one night and rewriting "I'm On A Boat" with FMA lyrics. xokyew is genet_ics and MnemonicTheater is me.

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FMA - Hug

AMV - Resistance

I nearly convulsed when I wrote today's date on my exam this morning, so:
Happy Royai Day, shippers! Here is my contribution for the day:
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I suspect Vegas to only function when I absolutely have to study, but here it is finally. On time ~/o/
Hope you enjoy it!

Edward chibi clock & FMA special movie & Wall paper download!

Hm, a rather useless gadget...


Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to download and install Edward clock. You need Adobe AIR prior to installation... if you don't have it already it should prompt you to install it (which is free).

Edit: Read veatariel's post below for a little trick for fooling your Ed clock into giving you your local time! It WORKS! Make sure you turn off auto-synchronization at the "Internet Time" tab so that you don't have to readjust your clock =D

But this clock is useless because it is Japan time only. There doesn't seem to be an option allowing you to readjust the clock to your computer's time. So this clock's time is 16 hours ahead of my local time... lol. Anyone knows how to crack this clock to make it compatible to other time zones? XD

PS. according to the gangan website, a little Al is supposed to pop up above Ed's head every hour (ie. 6pm, 7pm...etc). I have yet to see it... well, 20 minutes to go! XD


Also, there is a "FMA Edward Elric & Alphonse Elric Special Movie" here.

It has contents up to chapter 107, but everything in it is just brief summary of what happened in the series and tells you to check out the final chapter. anyone knows how to download that movie btw? XD

http://gangan.square-enix.co.jp/onthenet/honoo/roy_the_movie.html <--- this is from last year but a Roy movie in case people haven't seen it.


http://gangan.square-enix.co.jp/hagaren/special/20100412.html <--- new Old wallpaper download

Instead of giving you guys the answers/wallpaper itself, I guess I will briefly translate the content of the page so that you guys can have some fun? XD What you do is input the answer number at the very bottom of the page in order, click on the gate of truth to "unlock" the wallpaper!

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Have fun! 8D
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Translation help?

Hi guys! o/ have you read the awesomeness that is ch 108 yet? ;~;

Something caught my eye in the extra pages that was uploaded in OneManga after I finished crying, laughing and squeeing while reading the chapter But phail moi could not read the Japanese in it.
It's about a PVC chess set model that's based on the full page spread in ch 85.
All I can decipher is that it would be priced at 9800 yen (retail, perhaps) and there's a date: August 12, but I'm not sure if that's for the release or the pre-order.

Here's the extra page I'm talking about. (it's linked to One Manga btw)

To anyone who can help... I would definitely love you for your awesomeness! *o*
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FIC: The Blind Leading the Lame

Title: The Blind Leading the Lame
Characters: Mostly Havoc and Mustang
Rating: PG13, I suppose? For swearing
Summary: In the wake of all the death and destruction that has been surrounding them, Mustang has an important proposition for Jean. But on one condition...
Notes: Post chapter 108. I needed some more closure on a couple of characters, I guess XD. I wrote most of this yesterday directly after reading, so it isn't entirely polished.

Link: The bell above the shop's door rang. It was a cheerful, bright little sound that always foretold the entrance of a customer, and Jean typically perked up whenever the he heard it. While this was not his first choice, to be running the family business instead of fighting for his country, Jean could not say that he completely hated this major change in his life... It was different, less stressful. He liked being closer to family and he liked being useful.

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