June 8th, 2010

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Quick update


I have a quick update with a new doujinshi for sale. There's less and less new FMA doujinshis in the market...
Here's Home Sweet Home by Jackpot and her character goods. 
You can view them here.

Ishbal fanfic: East and West 1 of 2

Title East and West
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating NC-17
Universe: 1st Anime
Characters: Riza, Roy, Kimberly, Gran, several OCs
Summary: 'Even I would be executed for the things I did', What Riza Hawkeye did in Ishbal
Warnings: Violence, genocide, swearing, lovers of Hawkeye read at own risk

First posted at fma_fic_contest. X posted all over; I think this is my first entry here, so well met!

Chasing a Ghost
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[Fanfic] A renewed Interest in an old story

Hello comm! I come this Tuesday with a reinvested interest in a very old fanfic of mine. Perhaps the total wind-up of the FMA series caused it to catch my attention again. Or maybe something else entirely. Who knows! But, I'll try to be a little more diligent with it this time around.

Anyways, this is the current chapter of a post-series fic based off of the first TV series. AU to the movie.

Story: He Who Searches For Himself
Chapter: PART XXV (Chapter 76) – In Lieu of Armistice
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Yes (1st TV series)
Previous: Chapter list for Part I thru Current
Genre: GenFic; PlotFic; Post-Series; Series based, not movie based (AU!Movie)
Chapter Summary: Chapter covers Ed and company in London and the frustration caused by a mysterious package, while Dante (in her new form) wrestles with the Gate. Alphonse, Izumi, Mustang & company discuss what Dante wants with Gate and Ed's potential fate with it.
Author Note: Not entirely related to the chapter, but the first two Parts (Chpt 52 & 53) of the fic have been given facelifts to try and tidy up some n00b/novice writer issues I had back then.

Read Option A (@ FF.net)
Read Option B (@ LJ)

Please enjoy ^^

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Modern Day Alchemist

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"Modern Day Alchemist is a non-canon Fullmetal Alchemist role play forum based in the modern 21st century. After defeating Father almost a century ago, with the deaths of the homunculi and such, life became peaceful again- that is, until five years ago when Father came back and birthed out seven new homunculi, ready to make sure that this time around: His plan didn't fail. Thanks to modern technology, the species of the homunculus is far from being a secret and the creatures are despised by almost all humans, and it doesn't help their story that once again the fuhrer's thrown has been claimed by the homunculi once again... only this time by Father himself."

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