June 7th, 2010

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I'm not a mod, but I think a lot of us will all agree with what I have to say. There have been some leakage of the last 2 pages of chapter 108 floating around the internet. I ask that people DO NOT post these spoilers unless they are in a heavy warning and under a heavy LJ cut, for there are a lot of us that are waiting for the RAWS and even the scanlated versions of the chapter to be released and do not want to be spoiled. And I do know that there are people that are waiting for the official English release. So please, do not make spoilers known for those that don't want it. And please don't make spoiler icons available either unless under a heavy LJ cut as well.

Thank you for understanding! :)

EDIT: From levels, "Do add a warning for Twitter users not to go over #FMA, because lol yes even in 140 words, the whole thing can be ruined."
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[fic] REset{PLAY} ~Automail is the reason we're famous~, (4/4)

titled REset{PLAY} ~Automail is the reason we’re famous~
with pairings of Roy/Ed. Ed/Winry.
this chapter is rated R and a half.
Warnings: pov screw-arounds. I have also committed the Elric-Uzumaki crime. Again. OTL

Summary: A heart is nothing but four chambers and a rhythm.

previously: | 1; anatomically | 2; philosophically | 3; in practice |

( when the skies are still a smidgen short of threshold opacity; )

FUCK I'M FINALLY FINISHED. x-posted like there's no tomorrow (which there isn't). D8
FMA Ed-Win I think of you

Fic: "The St. Elsewhere Ending" 1/1

Title: The St. Elsewhere Ending
Author: evil_little_dog
Word Count: Appx. 2,600
Rating: K+
Characters: Alphonse-centric
Summary: Maybe it’s all just a dream?
Disclaimer: *bows to the rising sun and Arakawa*
Warning: AU? Maybe?
A.N.: Written for fma_fic_contest for the prompt, ‘Oh hell’. Thanks to bob_fish for looking it over the first time.

Please, do not discuss the actual ending in comments? I'm trying to remain spoiled. Thank you!

* * *

Daddy left us. Mommy died. Brother and I wanted our family back.

We tried to bring Mommy back from the dead.

It didn't work out the way we thought it would.

Fake cut to my LJ.
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Anyone around here have those two pages that got leaked? Or know what's on them?

Please share them with me (and everyone else that would love to be spoiled) here in this post. :D