June 6th, 2010

[fma] that boy is bad

new community~!

Hello, everyone!

Some friends of mine and I hold the strong opinion that perhaps Greed, Ling, and Lanfan should all make out. With each other. A lot.

So we made a community dedicated to this lofty ideal:


You are welcome to join us if this is relevant to your interests.
Bloody Greed/Ed

[FMA FF]Lovely Rebel (Ed/Original!Greed, leading up to Ed/Roy and Ed/Roy/Original!Greed) - Part 3

Lovely rebel
Author: bloody_winged 
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s)/Threesome: Ed/Greed, later there will be Ed/Roy which will finally lead up to Ed/Greed/Roy. Oh, and I even managed to squeeze in past Roy/Ed XD There are also hints at past Al/Winry
Warnings: angst, sap, AT, lemons, Ed’s mouth, humor, trying to sound as if I understand alchemy XD
Word Count Chapter: 2.839
Word Count FF posted to date: 9.877
Summary: Ed’s brother puts him on a boarding school after having had to deal with him one time too often.
Thanks: To anime_gal22  and lectawindwalker  for the amazing Beta jobs they did on this! *hugs them both*
Author's Note: Chapter three of my crazy AT monster XD This is still for greedy_lover , though I hope everyone else reading it is enjoying it as well ^___^
Also, I wrote this chapter while listening non-stop to ‘Memories’ by Within Temptation. If you want the full effect, I advice listening to it while you’re reading ^___^

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Lovely Rebel - Chapter 3
Misc: Ed in Uniform
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Fanfiction: Descent - Chapter 48

Title: Descent
Author: zakai_
Rating: R – NC17
Reference: First Anime. A few things and people have been pulled from the manga here and there.
Type: Angst, Divergence (splits off from episode 32), Drama, Romance, Mystery, Political, Yaoi, Het, etc.
Pairings: Roy/Ed, Al/Winry, (other minor pairings both yaoi and het)
Warnings: Language, Sex (both yaoi and het), Violence, etc.
Summary: After getting Al’s body back, Ed finds that life after reaching his goal wasn’t what he expected. As the country faces the threat of civil war, will Ed be able to handle life without Alphonse constantly by his side, or will he simply substitute one companion for another?

Chapter Listing Here

Chapter 48 - Roy

Once Again

Once again I have completed an AMV. I wanted to do it based on these four, which I why the other FMA ladies aren't involved. Plus I was extra excited to use some Hawkeye action scenes when doing this. Not only that, I discovered that the Mei Chan scenes seem to be the best placed in the end. Either way, here it is :)

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