June 2nd, 2010

greed/ed - in love with the devil
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FMA Fanbook Update

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who voted on the poll I posted earlier concerning the Fullmetal Alchemist Fanbook Project I am working on. I got a total of 80 voters, which is awesome! There is still time to vote, so if you haven't yet, please do! I really appreciate all the feedback I've gotten, and I'm working on a solution to try and accomodate more of the wants demonstrated by voters.

At any rate, I mostly wanted to announce that I've opened up a community for updates. I will still probably post the most important updates here (when submissions open, when I start taking preorders, etc.), so if you're interested in the book but don't want to join, it'll work out. I do encourage you to follow the community--whether or not you actually join doesn't make a difference.

So check it out:


I'll probably make the first post there later today. Thank you again for your interest!

Edit: I guess I jumped the gun here a little-- submissions are OPEN, and the submission information is all up at fma_fanbook. :D
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[fic] REset{PLAY}, part three of four

titled REset{PLAY} ~Automail is the reason we’re famous~
pairings Roy/Ed. Ed/Winry + some Riza Hawkeye.
this chapter is rated r.
warnings there's het!sex in this bit? It made my head hurt something awful.

Summary: A heart is nothing but four chambers and a rhythm.

previously: | 1; anatomically | 2; philosophically |

( They live in a beautiful cream-colored house next to the road; )

x-posted across the board. somebody hailp me. D8
[Gaga]Everyone's Peace

[fanfic]Time of War

Title: Time of War
Author: melodyic_rhyme
Rating: G
Pairing/characters: Riza Hawkeye, no pairings.
Genre/s: angst
Warnings: no real spoilers, I guess
Words: 429
Summary: Time was a cruel thing. It rushed when you wanted it to slow, slowed when you wanted it to rush, and other times it seemed to disappear completly.
note: for the first prompt at 500themes: the vacuum of time

( Time is a bizarre thing. In retrospect, it is fleeting. . . )
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