May 20th, 2010

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Ficlet - More than Canvas

Title – More than Canvas
Author cornerofmadness
Disclaimer – wish it were mine but it’s not. Arakawa owns all.
Rating – R for sexual situations
Series –manga
Characters –Roy/Riza
Word Count – 222
Timeline/Spoilers – Soon after the war, no real spoilers unless you don’t know where Roy learned his alchemy
Warnings – uh…understated nudity?
Author’s Note – wow something that didn’t want to be fifty percent longer than allowed. Written for the fma_fic_contest's 'quiver' prompt.
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Anime & Video Game related items on ebay

Hello! I've posted a few items from my collection onto Ebay. There are 12 items in total (all with a Square Enix theme).

- FullMetal Alchemist (JP SLE box copy of the movie + 2 manga-based drama CDs)
- Soul Eater (drama CD + figurines)
- Final Fantasy (Advent Children calendar, FFVIII special OST & Crisis Core UMD case)
- The World Ends With You (Shiki figurine & OST)

Please feel free have a look ^^ the auctions all end on Saturday.

(This post is cross-posted, sorry if it shows up more than once for you!)