April 28th, 2010

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Searching for a Roy/Ed fic. (and an Ed-centric drabble in apology)

OK, I've seen a few other people do this here and mods, I am SO sorry if it's frowned on. But I have been driving myself absolutely crazy over this fic.

Ed's a little older, post-series, pretty sure. And he's finally come into his own, sexually. He dates, has sex, what have you, and then moves on. But leaves behind very heart-broken partners. Pretty sure at one point he'd even slept with a general and I think they said the general's wife had even gone home to her mother because of it. I know it's Roy/Ed, (90% positive it is, at least) and it's beautifully written and I was really wanting to share with a friend but realized I hadn't bookmarked it and just cannot figure out where I read it. I don't remember if Roy just realizes he's fallen for Ed the same way or dates him to prevent a national emergency.

I was trying to find it alone without pestering others, but I've been searching since yesterday with no luck and I feel ready to scream. So if anyone thinks this sounds familiar, or even just fics where Ed's been dating a lot before finally getting with Roy, I'd love links or suggestions. Anything to try to make my mind stop feeling ready to explode because of my stupidity.

Thank you and sorry!

And to make this somewhat useful, I wrote a drabble about Edward a few months ago that I never posted anywhere.

The Price
PG rating. 250 words. Edward thinks about what he's done and what must be done. Set early series. (Either one)
FMA Ed Coat

Fic: Stepfather

Title: Stepfather
Author: jordannamorgan
Rating: G.
Characters: The Elric family, from the viewpoint of…?
Setting: An AU in which Trisha Elric didn’t die.
Summary: The Elric brothers’ stepfather-to-be has his work cut out with Ed.
Disclaimer: They belong to the genius of Hiromu Arakawa. I’m just playing with them.
Notes: This story is the first in what’s shaping up to be a series of “Things That Never Happened” one-shots. I generally don’t write AU twists like this, but FMA definitely has a way of inviting it!
I did consider trying to pare this one down for the current challenge at fma_fic_contest… but since that would have entailed cutting out two-thirds of it, you get it here instead. :)

( After Hohenheim was declared legally dead, I waited six months before I popped the question. )
Mustang and Havoc- Embrace

Havoc Appreciation Week: 27 April- Spank Havoc Day

This was supposed to be posted yesterday for Spank Havoc Day. I have been pretty slack about this. Sorry.

Title: Havoc Appreciation Week: 27 April- Spank Havoc Day
Author: Seaweed_FMA
Characters: Jean Havoc x Roy Mustang, with a guest appearance by Havoc's mom.
Word Count: 425
Rating: PG-13, some talk of male love.
Summary: Memories can be triggered by the strangest things.
Warnings: No real spoilers.

Excitement coursed through his veins. His heart pumped and his lungs burnt for air as he ran back towards the house.

Jean Havoc Appreciation Week

24 April -- Strip Havoc Naked Day
25 April -- Spying on Havoc Day
26 April -- Lunchtime Havoc Day
27 April -- Spank Havoc Day
28 April -- Havoc Gets Lucky Day
29 April -- Molest Sleeping Havoc Day
30 April -- Sexy Outfit Havoc Day
Best story by zannechaos

Fic - A Tale to Tell

A Tale to Tell
Author – cornerofmadness
Disclaimer – somewhere a cow is weeping
Rating – PG-13
Timeline/spoilers – Hmm spoilers for anything past ch 30
Pairing – Rebecca/Jean
Summary – How to spend a stormy night
Word Count – 2107
Author’s Note – Written as a big thank you for havocmangawip for her cosplay assistance. Sorry it’s a strange cracky thing but that sepia–toned picture of the guys drinking has been talking to me for forever. Thanks to bob_fish for the beta and to evil_little_dog for the last minute touch up and title. I also realized this would fit in just fine for the ‘Havoc gets Lucky’ part of Havoc Appreciation Week so …
Jean Havoc Appreciation Week

28 April -- Havoc Gets Lucky Day
29 April -- Molest Sleeping Havoc Day
30 April -- Sexy Outfit Havoc Day

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