April 10th, 2010

[FANFIC] "The Show Must Go On"

Title: "The Show Must Go On" [[FF.net link]]
Author: insanityin3d
Characters: Kimblee; mentions of Pride & Heinkel
Word Count: 372
Rating: PG
Summary: Perhaps "the end" wouldn't be so bad after all. Rather, it might be one of the most beautiful experiences bestowed upon Solf J. Kimblee.
A/N: So, after much squeeing/fapping/fangasming after the events of Ch. 106, I wrote this drabble for my absolute favorite character in FMA: Kimblee. This will obviously have spoilers for chapters 92/93 & 106, so if you haven't reached that part of the manga yet, you might not want to read this. If you have, by all means, please do. And enjoy. Hopefully as much as I enjoyed our "Smooth Criminal's" wonderful exit. X3

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Title: Dragon and Tiger Fighting

Author: enemytosleep
Word Count: 592
Rating: PG13

Characters: Al, Ed, Ling
Prompt: fma_fic_contest - Crazy Like A Fox

Summary: Ed reminds Al why it's no good to pick up strays.

Warnings: I think listing Ed as a character will give you an idea of what sorts of offensive things are below the cut.
Notes: No kittens were harmed in the making of this entry. Set during the Rush Valley arc. I have edited this a little since the end of the contest to drag out the joke more. XD

Now with 10 minute fanart by bob_fish! :D

Don't you people eat cats?