March 30th, 2010

Bloody Ed/Roy

[FF]Ignited Tears (Ed/Roy)

Ignited Tears
Author: bloody_winged
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ed/Roy
Word Count: 21,140
Warnings: angst, some sap
Summary: Edward Elric’s life had always been defined by his goals. So what if his new goal was something no-one but himself knew about? And what did it have to do with Roy Mustang?
Authors Note: Mangaverse. I’ll try to avoid any spoilers, though some at the very least will be unavoidable. Since the manga isn’t finished yet, I’ll go with my vague belief of how it could end. Please don’t make my life hell just because it isn’t set in stone yet (Just to make sure everyone knows from where I’m going, we’re currently at chapter 103).
Extra Note: Written for fma_big_bang. I’m well aware that there probably will be hundreds of ff about this specific topic in the future, but frankly, I don’t care. I couldn’t go with my original idea for this anymore, so I had to improvise. This was the first idea that I had. Deal with it :P
Artist: My dear wife Mayra (mayracs) was my partner in crime here ^___^ Check out her sweet pic of the two of them HERE :D

Ignited Tears
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Title: Causality, 2/3
Author: vwl
Beta: celestialphoenx, with a little help from yixsh
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ling/Ed
Summary: cau·sal·i·ty : the relation of cause and effect. Things go a little differently in Gluttony's stomach, and the end result changes everything.
Warning: Spoilers for chapter 51 in the manga.
Previous Parts: Part 1

( Causality, Part II - Effect. )

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Evening Bat

FIC: There Is A Heart Somewhere

Delurking with a fic!

Title: There Is A Heart Somewhere
Author: evening_bat
Rating: R-ish? Because Ed has a foul mouth.
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Word Count: ~2900
Notes: In some nebulous-but-happy future.
Summary: Al has this insane idea. Ed thinks his brother's just plain crazy.

Thanks to seryan for beta-duty above and beyond the call.

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