March 28th, 2010

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Fic - Death of Innocence

Death of Innocence
Author – cornerofmadness
Disclaimer – definitely not mine. All rights belong to Arakawa
Rating – PG-13
Skewed Perspectives series, story #5
Characters – predominately Roy & Kimbley, a little Maes & Riza
Pairings – gen fic but there is implied Roy/Riza, Roy/Maes and onesided Kimbley/Roy
Warnings - angst
Series – manga
Time line spoilers - set in the Ishbal arc so spoilers for anything past 50
Summary – He had crossed his line in the sand. Roy didn’t know if he could uncross it.
Word Count- 3037
Author’s Note- This was started forever ago for a set of Ishbal stories I was doing for 7stages but was never finished. I finished it for fma_fic_contest’s innocence prompt

He thought his line in the sand would be to never to take the life of a child

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