March 26th, 2010

  • hd18

(no subject)

Right, first time posting here (and I only joined today, so I have no idea what I'm doing...)

As per the rules I've dug through the memories section on here, and found nothing, and I went through over 40 pages of mediaminer looking for this particular fic. More than once, under different search criteria. Google has not helped and I don't think it was on when I first read it. I'm driving myself slowly insane.

The fic I'm looking for is one I read several years ago, and was an AU where Roy Mustang was cursed to inhabit a silver pocketwatch, and appear to serve whoever owned it for a certain amount of time (a month?) before returning to the watch until it was passed to the next owner. Ed came into possesssion of the watch. That's pretty much all I remember besides Al/Winry being mentioned and a rather entertaining scene where Ed (having just bought the watch and gone straight to bed) wakes up with Mustang undoing his braid.

I apologise if I've flubbed and this post is illegal, but this is driving me nuts and I'd appreciate any help in finding the fic.

Vielen Danke.