March 24th, 2010

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looking for info!

So I'm planning on writing a fairly epic fanfic about everyone’s favorite number one candidate for some lung cancer, Jean Havoc, but before I do I'd like to collect as much info about him as possible.

SO I'm asking for some help from all of you lovely darlings.
Now I've read the FMA wiki page on him and found it sort of... lacking.
I've read the manga and seen both anime series (or at least brotherhood as recent an episode as is out right now) and I mean, there's a lot of info there to retain. What I'm looking for is for any mentions of family (ex. when his mom comes to visit him in the hospital, post-lust attack... awww), any known favorites, likes, dislikes, etc through any aspect of the FMA universe. Women with big boobs doesn't count, haha.

I need more... personal, quirky information than what the wiki page has to offer, mostly.

Any help would be much loved.

brock boner

Lapis Philosophorum RPG

Hey guys! My last call for FMA RPers has sort of spiraled out and leveled up. I made a zetaboard forum for really super organized playing which is now open and taking simple applications for more players! check it out!

our first thread is a Munich 1921 timeline, but we certainly can have an Amestris timeline as well, if people are into that. That's what forums like this are for..  A LOT OF WRITING ROOM  :D :D 

TAKEN: Alphonse, Alfons, Edward, Roy

SEEKING: basically all others.

3rd person well edited 3 paragraph + writers only, please! 

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