March 22nd, 2010

No Matter What

Seeking screenshots

I know I've periodically seen individual episodes posted, but is there a location I can go to for screenshots of all the episodes aired so far? I'm looking for some specific ones for a costume...

FMA: Brotherhood Character Battle

Hey Everyone,

I'm hosting a Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Character Battle over at the fullmetal-alchemist forums

This is a bracket based poll.  Voting goes to the individual you think would win in a fight (presumably to the death).  Not who your favorite is.

If you would like to participate just follow this link.
brock boner

searching for writers!

Hey fm_alchemist group! I'm trying to track down someone to write with me on the basis of, well... A) just to write awesomely, and B) to use for scheming a possible FMA doujinshi to draw in the future. A little about me? I'm a serious yet laid back, in-depth third person writer who loves writing juicy, plot driven 3 paragraph + entries in games that are casually updated 2-3 times or more a week. Grammar and editing is super important to me. I would prefer writing as Edward, who is my favorite, but can totally swing a snarky Roy if I were to find the right Ed. I'm also a professional illustrator, and you can check out my work at my deviantart here

sorry mods if this isn't allowed! I just have a lot of creative thunder I need to let out into this fandom.  check out my more specific writing specs and a sample of my work under the cut! 



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