March 18th, 2010


Language Lesson, please? XD

So, we've all seen/heard Ed call Roy "Colonel Bastard". I've heard "Colonel Shit" thrown around a bunch too, but can't remember if that's officially used, scanlations, or fanfic.

What name/phrase is it that's actually used in Japanese? Is it kisama-taisa? Or is that just horrendous backwards translation?

Thanks :D

edit: I forgot to mention "kuso-taisa". And not sure if taisa would always be used at the end as an honorific or not . . .

edit 2: Wow, thank you guys! This is a great example of why I love this comm!! (In addition the fanfic ^__^) For those that want to know, read the comments!
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Monologue in manga or either anime?

 Hello there! Sorry if this isn't allowed, please feel free to delete this! 

So I need a monologue memorized to perform for my theater and acting class. We can do anything, as long as it's school appropriate, and I would love to do something from FMA - manga or either anime. I searched everywhere for something, but couldn't really find much. I even re-read a bunch of chapters and re-watched some episodes. So I was wondering if any of you guys knew of  any monologues by anyone anywhere in the FMA series.  I also need this done and memorized by tomorrow, thanks to my wonderful procrastination skills, so nothing too long. XD Please just let me know the chapter or episode and where. :)

Thanks in advance! <3
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In a hunt for information about Riza Hawkeye

If this is not allowed, please feel free to delete this post. ^^;

In three weeks, me and some other friends are attending to Uppcon, Scandinavia's biggest anime convention. We (me, who will cosplay Ed, and one other girl who will be Roy) recruited a friend to act as Hawkeye in a cosplay sketch. There is one tiny little problem though - this girls knows very little about Hawkeye.

So now I ask you, dear fm_alchemist...ers(?), to help out a fellow fangirl in need! We need to provide this person with material about Hawkeye. Which chapters she has some action in, where we get some background story, her moments of awesomeness in both anime's. Anything and everything that will help Anna relate to this sniper of epicness. Of course we are looking for materials as well, but it certainly doesn't hurt to ask you awesome people about it!

I- no, WE would be eternally thankful for any kind of help whatsoever~!

Best regards,
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