March 15th, 2010


Fic: "Night on the Town"

Did this for fma_fic_contest last week.

Title: Night on the Town
Series: Manga
Word Count: 1263
Rating: PG-13 because, um....Kimblee has a bit of a sexual fetish with explosions. Nothing explicit, but you should get the drift.
Characters: Kimblee/Philosopher's Stone
Summary:  Kimblee always preferred to do things alone. And then he met Stone.
Notes: Yes, this IS a Kimblee/Stone OTP fic.

He never imagined it would feel so wonderful.
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Tim Roth.  O HAI.

Fic - "ISHBAL! The Musical!"

Title: ISHBAL! The Musical!
Author: colonel_bastard
Series: Manga
Word Count: Act I - 8431, Act II - 5355
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Almost everyone who ever appears in the Ishbal flashback (even the soldier chorus), and one OC.
Summary: A musical about Ishbal.
Warnings: Swearing, slash, violence, death. You know, all the usual Ishbal stuff.
Notes: Written on a dare from bob_fish. I've done my best to condense the entirety of the Ishbal flashback chapters into a coherent two-hour musical. Some characters and storylines were cut for time (sorry, Marcoh!) and I had to take some liberties here and there. There's a few Ishbalan words I've invented, and Priest = Scar and Brother = well, yeah. Don't be intimidated by the word count, heh, it's mostly songs. And speaking of songs, every source-title contains a link to a YouTube video with the original music, so you can sing along if you choose! First posted at fma_fic_contest for the prompt "Ishbal," this fic won first place. Please enjoy!

Act I

Act II