March 13th, 2010


EdWinry amv

 I'm going on a trip soon so I wanted to get this done soon! 
well anyway, here's my new video.

It's EdWinry so if you don't like it don't watch it.  I'm more into RoyEd personally but I couldn't resist making this after listening to the song.  xD

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[fic] Twinkle, Twinkle -- Roy/Ed ;)

Bonjour bitches, I come with a fic ;}

Twinkle, Twinkle
Author: [info]algernon_daft
Beta: sober![info]algernon_daft
Word Count: 4,000ish
Rating: 18+ for language (probably)
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Warnings: for some astonishingly witty wordplay.
Summary: Ed was pissed. In fact, he was beyond pissed. He was so pissed that he couldn’t get any more pissed if he pissed himself, which he probably had; Roy didn’t know.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except for my words and ridiculous hairstyle

I see what you do to yourself at night... )