March 11th, 2010

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Fic: One Foot in Front of the Other

Title: One Foot in Front of the Other
Author: bob_fish
Characters: Ed/Ling
Rating: R for awkward teenage fumbling
Setting: Fullmetal Alchemist mangaverse, on the camping trip of doom, i.e. the few months before the Promised Day, off-panel between Chs 83 and 84, in which Ed went on the lam with Greed, Darius and Heinkel.
Word count: 5105
Summary: It's a long way from here to the Promised Day. Best keep busy, then.
Note: Written for springkink, for the prompt "FMA (Ed/Ling) - first kiss - would prefer the Gluttony's stomach arc, but am open to change in scene"
Note #2: for those of you who follow my FMA fic, this is set in my ongoing Wrong Turn/No Small Injury 'verse.

You know, said Ed, as they tramped together around the edge of a pasture, you used to be much easier to get along with when you were someone else.
Ed Tux

No Sound of Water

Title: No Sound of Water

Author: enemytosleep
Beta: the ever fabulous, bob_fish
Word Count: 19,096
Rating: PG13

Characters: Ling/Ran Fan (UST), Fuu

Warnings: mild, action based violence and lots and lots of sand
Summary: As the Yao clan's only hope for the throne, Ling decides it is time for action. Along with his most trusted retainers, he sets off on a dangerous journey through the Great Desert in search of immortality. But is this all he is searching for? When familial relations reach their breaking point, Ran Fan and her grandfather, Fuu, leave with their young master on his quest for greater power. But what else will they find along the way?
Notes: This was written for the 2009-2010 FMA Big Bang Challenge. This was the first story of this size I have ever attempted, and while it was definitely a challenge, I really enjoyed stretching my wings. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter One: in which Ling's hair catches fire.
Chapter Two: in which Ran Fan meditates on how to knock Ling on his rear.
Chapter Three: in which the kumis goes to Ling's head a little.

And Fanart! I was lucky enough to receive some wonderful art for my fic. Please do be checking them out HERE.
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If this isn't allowed I'll delete asap :>

In short, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get Fullmetal Alchemist (first or second) in .mp4 format - I just got myself a new iPod and would love to be able to have it on there. It doesn't seem like the torrents for it have seeds anymore, but maybe I'm not looking in the right places?

Any help is appreciated! ♥
Havoc- Boobies

Havoc x Rebecca fic recs?

I would *LOVE* to find some Havoc x Rebecca fics, any rating is fine.

I know there are some with them as a side pair, which is fine as well, but them as the main pairing would be ideal.

I can;t find any on

So help me out guys!